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    Managing Change and Stress with Humor

    May 08, 2018
    11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
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    Bobby V's Restaurant & Sports Bar
    268 Atlantic Street
    Stamford, CT 06901

    When people engage their sense of humor, they become better communicators, better problem solvers, better decision makers and better with conflict resolution. Sit back, laugh, and see how humor can make you more productive and help you have more fun in just about everything you do. Devin will teach you how to find the funny in the everyday challenges of things such as food, technology, and, of!

    Devin Henderson takes humor seriously. He has a funny way of helping people perform at their best by embracing their sense of humor. As an entrepreneur, father of five, and a pain in the neck to the world’s most beautiful bride, Devin’s mantra is: “When life’s hard, laugh harder.” He shows people how humor can help them deal with change, stress, failure, difficult people, and the lint that collects on the shower floor after wearing a new pair of socks. Black socks. We’re talking real problems.

    As a humorist keynote speaker, Devin helps people see how humor can make them healthier, more productive, more creative, better problem solvers and more fun to be around. His keynote presentations are interactive and hilarious, which is what makes his message stick in people’s brains longer than peanut butter on the roof of your mouth. Devin teaches that happiness is directly related to one’s ability to laugh at life and that humor can be found in nearly any situation.

    Devin has been making audiences laugh for over a dozen years. He has performed as a corporate comedian in all 50 states, except Hawaii, Alaska, and like 18 others. Devin has opened for comedians Sinbad and Mike Birbiglia and is a Certified Speaking Professional, which is like the black belt of public speaking. So don’t mess with him – his humor is lethal. He is also a self-published author. “Share Your Magic” is Devin’s best-selling book of all time. Mainly because it’s his only book.

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