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CWBTA Advocacy and Government Relations

Welcome to the CWBTA Advocacy and Government Relations page. GBTA advocates across the globe for policies that improve the business travel industry like promoting passenger facilitation, a healthy infrastructure and a tax and fee system that benefits rather than burdens the traveler.  These are just a few key items important to travel buyers and the travelers they manage. Developing and advocating for a changing industry is at the forefront of GBTA’s actions. Items such as the Rules of the Road and passage of infrastructure and passenger facilitation is the reason why GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry. 

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Grassroots Advocacy
GBTA members are an active and crucial part of advocating for the business travel industry.  We want you, our CWBTA member to part of this movement thus we have a link to the GBTA Action Center.  This allows you to have an active voice on U.S. legislation. From here you will be able to communicate with your elected officials on issues and topics that matter to you.

GBTA  Business Travel PAC* 

This PAC was established to work for us all every day. By donating to the PAC, it helps the GBTA be efficient in how it lobby’s Congress.  Yes, the GBTA uses a combination of a reputable lobbyist and you, our grassroots members to achieve its goals. GBTA supports legislation that supports the business travel community.  For example ensuring that the the TSA is fully funded or supporting the creation of Ground Transportation Study. Prior successful efforts have kept Congress from passing unfair taxation and improving what countries can participate in the exclusive Visa Waiver Program.

I will continue to inform you on any pressing issues that need immediate attention. By mobilizing together our voices are heard in Washington, DC. I can tell you that my own experience in face to face meetings with our Representatives through participation in the GBTA Legislative Summit. Here, GBTA Chapters from all over the 50 States meet and pay a visit to their elected representatives to give voice to our concerns. Thus, I urge you to participate in our grass roots effort that will affect you and our businesses. I and the Board of the CWBTA encourage you to make a contribution to the Business Travel PAC. *Only members of the GBTA and its Chapters are allowed to donate. Click here to donate: 

Many Thanks,

Elliott Arluck
Chair, CWBTA Government Relations Committee